Join the ranks of Stikeman Elliott

Join the ranks of Stikeman Elliott


Why choose Stikeman Elliott

Join the ranks of Stikeman Elliott, one of the most distinguished and respected corporate law firms in Canada. Voted one of the Best Employers in Canada for the past 11 years, Stikeman Elliott is always seeking to recruit the best and the brightest talents. The Montréal office currently has an opening for a:

Director, Linguistic Services
Job description:   The Director, Linguistic Services manages a team of translators, lawyer revisers, and assistants and is responsible for coordinating translation mandates between the various parties involved (lawyers, translators, revisers, and auditors). The incumbent will also translate and/or revise a wide variety of legal documents, mainly related to securities and business law.
Immediate supervisor: This position reports to the Executive Director
Key responsibilities:
Coordination of work:

·         Manage the mandates received by the Linguistic Services (translation and revision)

·         Respond to requests for translation, revision, or information from lawyers and other Stikeman Elliott employees, firm clients, other law firms or accountants and act as a resource person

·         Assess the document to be translated or revised (area of expertise, difficulty level)

·         If necessary, prepare an estimate of the cost and time required to translate and revise the document.

·         Assign the document to available resources (translator or reviser of the Linguistic Services, external resources)

·         Coordinate the translation of documents with other parties involved (auditors, accountants, freelance translators)

Team management:

·         Ensure the smooth operation of the Linguistic Services

·         Use resources effectively and efficiently, foster teamwork and innovation and improve performance

·         Allocate available resources to various mandates

·         Ensure that the individual objectives of team members are achieved by sharing mandates equitably

·         Manage leave or vacation requests based on anticipated workload

·         Evaluate the work of translators, revisers and assistants

·         Assess staff needs, meet and recommend candidates

·         Participate in or conduct evaluations

·         Set annual goals and participate in salary discussions


·         Ensure alignment of the Linguistic Services with established goals

·         Quarterly and annual reports to senior management


·         Work as a senior translator and/or reviser on files when possible


Education and experience requirements:

·         University degree in translation, law or related field

·         Minimum of 15 years in a firm’s Linguistic Services Department and 3 years in a similar management role

·         Member of the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec, an asset

·         Superior communication skills, fluency in French and English

·         Ability to use resources quickly and efficiently

·         Excellent interpersonal and project management skills

·         Strong leadership skills

·         Advanced knowledge of office software, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook

·         Excellent knowledge of translation software (Logiterm)

·         Excellent customer service skills

·         Attention to detail, autonomy and a team spirit

·         Ability to work in a dynamic environment

Salary and benefits:
·         Enticing salary based on experience

·         Competitive annual salary review

·         Full range of benefits

·         Office located in downtown Montréal, close to public transportation