Gabriel-Kucharski Scholarship

The ACJT-CALT contributed to the creation of the Gabriel-Kucharski Scholarship, the first scholarship for excellence in legal translation in Canada, offered every year at the Université de Montréal.

This fund was created to recognize the excellence, interest and motivation of students registered in the translation program of the Faculty of Arts and Science at the Université de Montréal. Donations honour the memory of Gabriel Kucharski, legal translator, who was one of the pioneers of translation in the securities field in Quebec. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Translation at the University of Montréal, Mr. Kucharski was hired by a large Montreal law firm, where he stayed throughout his career.

The following criteria are taken into account when selecting candidates:

  • the quality of the academic record
  • strong interest in legal or technical translation
  • financial need

For more information or to make a donation, please click on the link below:

List of Université de Montréal students who have been awarded the Gabriel-Kucharski scholarship

Danaëlle Gagnon (2016)

Olivier Gadoua (2015)

Oliver Gadoua is a full-time student in the graduate diploma in translation program at Université de Montréal and the proud recipient of of the 2015 Gabriel Kucharski Scholarship. After acquiring five years of experience in labour law, he decided to return to school with the goal of specializing in legal translation. Driven by great curiosity, Olivier has been interested in languages, translation and linguistics for many years. He holds degrees in Civil Law and Common Law from McGill University (2009), a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Russian Studies (2005), and a minor in Arabic Language (2009) from the same university. Olivier is trilingual in French, English and Russian and has a good knowledge of Arabic. Legal translation is clearly a field where his passions, experience, knowledge and training converge.

Julie Desrochers (2014)

Geneviève Landry (2013)

Hélène Bourget (2012)

Érika Morel (2011)

Gabriel Bernier-Colborne (2010)

Nicole Sirois (2009)