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Practical Legal Lexicon in Business Law

Michel Bergeron, an attorney, certified translator and member of ACJT-CALT, is the author of the Lexique juridique pratique en droit des affaires published by Gaudet Éditeur.

Most of the proceeds of the Lexicon—sponsored by ACJT-CALT—are used to fund the activities of ACJT-CALT and to achieve its objectives of promoting and defending legal translation in Canada. The Lexicon contains more than 50,000 entries representing the majority of English and French terms used in the financial and securities fields. This terminology, extracted from continuous information documents and laws in force in Canada, has been validated by translators and revisers who have worked in the securities field for more than 20 years.

The price of the electronic version varies according to the options and the number of licences acquired. You can have full free access to the DVD for a test period of 30 days on request.

Many ACJT-CALT members are already familiar with the Lexicon, which was previously distributed by the Association. This version, published by a recognized editor of legal documents, has links to legal references and is regularly updated.

A user’s comment:

Your lexicon is extraordinary! What a great reference work!

To order the Lexicon or to obtain a free evaluation version, you only need to send an email to the publisher at the following address: